Cadenshae Feeding Hoodie - Fresh

Cadenshae Feeding Hoodie - Fresh

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Great for those winter months, or as an all year round go to jumper.

Comfortable, stylish fit.

This versatile hoodie has horizontal zips alone the front to allow for easy breastfeeding.

The perfect garment for your casual post pregnancy wardrobe.

Can double as maternity hoodie as there is plenty of room for that baby bump too.

Such a versatile item of clothing for nursing mums, you’ll want to wear this comfortable breastfeeding hoodie all year round.

Stay warm and cosy in the winter months, or have it handy for your post-workout cool-down.

The design is stylish and classic, and the cleverly concealed, low-profile zip access across the front lets you feed discreetly without having to strip off layers.

This breastfeeding hoodie will be a much-loved part of your nursing wardrobe.

Fabric: 100% Cotton.

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