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Here are a few tips when buying maternity clothes:

  • Buy them early in your pregnancy – all of our maternity clothes are designed specifically to accommodate your growing belly and body.
  • Buy your maternity clothes in your pre pregnancy size as your basic proportions remain the same and good quality maternity clothes are designed with a bit of extra space for your growing belly.
  • Buy bottoms with generous elasticated waist panels or below the belly style waistbands that are designed to be comfortable for your growing belly.
  • Get a good pair of maternity jeans.  It is worth spending a bit more on quality jeans to get the most comfortable fit and they can be easily dressed up or down.  They are great to wear after you give birth too.
  • Get a good fitting maternity bra.  HOTmilk recommend you purchase a good bra around 12-14 weeks and then again at around 36 weeks.  No underwire is best for pregnant women – it is the most comfortable and it prevents blocked milk ducts later on.

If you have any tips, stories or advice you would like to share please email us at or comment on our Facebook page Maternity World NZ and we will publish them all here for everyone to read.

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